Tower Deer Stands

by Tommy L

tower deer stand

Anyone who loves hunting, especially deer hunting knows the importance of having a good deer stand.  It can make all the difference when trying to lure in a big buck.  Some of the most popular hunting stands are tower deer stands.  They are really nice because they allow a hunter to get off the ground.  This increases the chance of success while hunting.

You can get them in different heights and sizes.  A hunter can set up on the edge of a field and wait for the animal they are hunting.  Many people who use this type of stand enjoy being able to move around and talk with a hunting partner as they are enclosed and do not have to worry about every little move they make.  There are many variations to this type of hunting stand.

Some of the best types of tower deer stands have an aluminum frame.  This is nice because it can hold up for a long time.  When assembling the stand, it is not as heavy as a wood stand.  There is no need to use a hammer to pound in a bunch of nails when compared to a wood stand.  The boxes on these types of stands are usually 4×6 feet or 4×8 feet.  This provides plenty of room for two people to sit comfortably.

An aluminum tower deer stand is great for any area that experiences quite a bit of rain.  It will not rust out easily or become rotten like a wooded stand.  One disadvantage to an aluminum stand is that a hunter can easily scare an animal away if they bump the frame with their gun, bow, or other object.  The sound of something bouncing off wood is more natural to animals.

Some people like wooden tower deer stands for many reasons.  One big reason is because it is cheaper than the steel or aluminum stands.  Anyone who uses this hunting stand can sit either 10 or 21 feet high in the air, and not have to be in the woods.  Wooden stands have an advantage over aluminum stands because the wood is more camouflaged than the shiny aluminum base of an aluminum stand.  This makes wooden stands look more natural in any surrounding.

One bad thing about wood is that it can rot, so this stand is best for areas that do not get a large amount of rain or snow.  Otherwise the base may rot out over time.  No matter what material a person chooses, they will enjoy their hunting experience more with this type of deer stand than any other.

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